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A Guide to Choosing Sunglasses

choosing sunglasses

A Guide to Choosing Sunglasses Sunglasses are one of the ultimate fashion accessories. They are great in helping you to create your own unique image. What exact style you choose really depends on your personal taste, age and the shape of your face. Yet, not matter what style of sunglasses …

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7 Key Skills to Becoming a Successful Wedding Planner

Successful Wedding Planner

Becoming a successful wedding planner involves more than just planning a wedding. You must understand the business aspect of your service and learn to manage your time to earn the most profits. You will be the face of your business and your own public relations representative. Every day you will …

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Are you living the Greatest Lie?

greatest lie

Are you living the Greatest Lie? Have you ever felt that your life was a conveyor belt of …. Go to school, graduate, get a good job with a good company, accumulate retirement savings, and use these to do everything you’d ever wanted to during your retirement? If that’s what …

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